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Welcome! Your Future Is Ready

Are you adrift in the sea of life? Sailing without a rudder or a map?  Want more out of life?  If you recognize that you want more out of life, you have started to move in the right direction.

There’s a way to find what’s missing in your life. A path that can lead you where you want to go.

Remember, you are bigger than your problems. You are the master of your destiny.

Are you ready to invest in your future?  Let’s start the adventure now.

If you really don’t know what coaching is about, there is an explanation in a column that follows.

What to Expect

First, being Coached is about you and what you want. For this reason, we will identify what you want to achieve through Coaching. This means really getting into specifics. Instead of saying you want to lose 30 pounds, we will talk about why you want to lose that many pounds.  Is it because you want to get to a certain clothing size, be able to wear that special bathing suit, or to reach a specific body fat percentage.

Second, we will develop a plan with step by step goals. As your Coach, I will help keep you on track to achieving your goals. Sounds fairly simple, but without a Coach there to provide encouragement, be a cheerleader, and help keep you accountable, it is much harder to stay on task.

Our sessions will be over the phone. We may also use texting and emailing to communicate and keep things moving forward.  You can expect that I, as your Coach, will be focused, not multitasking, and prepared for our sessions.  I will expect the same from you.  After all, isn’t your future and your goals worth your focus and mine.

Is it time for you to take that step and see if Coaching is for you?  Schedule a free mini-session now by clicking on the schedule section.  I look forward to talking with you.

Why Coaching?

What do Michael Jordan, LeBron James, John Elway, Payton Manning, Babe Ruth, Billy Jean King, Serena Williams, Ronda Rousey, and Willy Mayes all have in common? They were, or are, all great athletes and they all have, or had, Coaches.

And what do Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, Hugh Jackson, Princess Diana, Leonardo DeCaprio, Nelson Mandela, and Larry King have in common besides their fame and success? They all have used the services of a Life Coach.

So why shouldn’t everyone have a Coach? Do we think our skills are better than those famous athletes and celebrities? By not having a Coach, we are saying “We are more skilled than those famous and successful people. It’s not about skill, its about getting support when you need it. Many people think if you use a coach you have some kind of weakness in yourself.  Instead of seeing coaching as a weakness, see it as a strength. You are willing to admit you don’t know everything and you could use someone on your side to help you play the game of life and succeed.

Missed Goal

Well…. I have a goal this week that I didn’t meet. So the question is what do I do now? Do I beat myself up for not accomplishing the goal? Do I call myself a failure? Do I give up on my plan? I say no to all three of those questions. When you don’t...
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Be True to Yourself

The amazing basketball coach John Wooden was given a seven point creed by his father when he graduated from grade school. The first point was to be true to yourself.  Coach Wooden tried to abide by the creed for the rest of his life. So what does it mean to be true to...
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Are you All-In?

Most choices come down to two questions. How bad do you want it and what price are you willing to pay to get it. The “it” could be anything from the perfect career, to finding the right spouse, to completing your bucket list, to getting an education. “It” can be...
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Are you ready for change?

Staying in our current situations, no matter how bad, seems to be the norm for most people. Why? It is easier to stay in what we know than to take the risk of stepping out and doing something else. This line of thought fits into the old adage that it’s better to deal...
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Do you fit in or stand out?

I heard the actor Jim Caviezel say “You weren’t born to fit in. You were born to standout.” His words struck a chord with me and made me stop and think. Why do we settle for fitting in and stifle our individuality and limit our impact. His words struck me because, to...
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A wealth of knowledge!


Rarely have I seen someone as emphatic as Brent.


Mr. Adams was incredibly effective in helping me move forward with my personal life as well as pushing me to take professional risks which have all paid off.  Thank you.


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