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Most choices come down to two questions. How bad do you want it and what price are you willing to pay to get it. The “it” could be anything from the perfect career, to finding the right spouse, to completing your bucket list, to getting an education. “It” can be anything you’re interested in for this discussion.

If you don’t want something too much, other things become a priority and take precedence over whatever it is. This can even happen when you think your “it” is very important if you don’t pay enough attention to what you’re doing. Things come up and your priorities fall by the wayside without much conscious thought.

If you find something you really care about and determine it is a top priority for you, you have to then decide what price you are willing to pay to get it. People often think price refers to money, but that is only a portion of what price means in this discussion. Price also refers to your time, energy, resources, and talents. How you spend your time, should reflect what you value the most. Those investing their energy into something may not be able to think of much else. They may be awake late at night working on the area of their focus. Resources could include connections you have, support systems you’ve developed or are willing to create, and array of other things that could help you. And your talents include skills, ability, and experiences you have that support your achieving your “it.”

Deciding how much of your money, time, energy, resources, and talents you are willing to dedicate to a particular thing tells you how much value it holds to you.

If you’re willing to go “All-In” and use all of your attributes, than you’ve found your mission or purpose or thing that is the most important to you. Some people find it in religion, some in a relationship, and some in a career.

There really is nothing so powerful as a person that goes All-In. They are virtually unstoppable. Some notable people who went All-In include Billy Graham, Walt Disney, and Harland Sanders (better known as Colonel Sanders). Did you know Billy Graham has appeared on Gallup’s annual list of the most admired men and women 55 times. He was denied membership in a youth group because he was too “worldly.” He was almost expelled from college. He said he received his calling on the 18th green of a golf course and, after resolving some issues, he went All-In for his faith.

Walt Disney had this crazy idea of using his love of drawing to make cartoons, but his dreams didn’t stop there. He had another crazy idea, to use build a theme park. He was turned down for funding of Disneyland by 302 bankers. As a young man, Walt had been fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination and had no good ideas. He also filed for bankruptcy several times. But still he stayed focused and put everything into his dreams. Thank goodness he did.

Harland Sanders, The Colonel, was never in the military. He was bestowed the title of Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky for his contributions to the world of food. He had failed careers as a lawyer, insurance salesman, lamp salesman, and tire salesman. He would make bad business decisions which would lead to fights with his employers that concluded with his dismissal. He once shot a competitor after the competitor shot and killed a person Sanders worked with. The whole incident was over a sign pointing to Sanders gas station. Sanders had many other issues to deal with, but through them all, he stayed focused on getting his recipe out to people Thank goodness he did, because finger-licking chicken is an important contribution to the world.

So what’s your “it?” What are you willing to go All-In for? Think it out, than go for it!