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Well…. I have a goal this week that I didn’t meet. So the question is what do I do now? Do I beat myself up for not accomplishing the goal? Do I call myself a failure? Do I give up on my plan? I say no to all three of those questions. When you don’t achieve your goals, ask yourself this question. Was the goal realistic?  If it wasn’t realistic, change the goal.  If it was realistic,  you have to ask yourself what went wrong with achieving it and what can I do differently to achieve the goal?  Also ask do I need to adjust the goal?  By analyzing what went wrong you take not achieving your goal from a failure to a learning lesson. In my case, the goal is achievable. So I asked myself what went wrong? I can point to specific events that I didn’t handle  correctly. These events are going to occur again so I need to come up with a strategy to not let them stop me from reaching my goal.  Once the strategies are in place, I don’t have to make those mistakes again, thus improving my chances of reaching my goal next week. By analyzing what didn’t work, I turned what could be conceived as a failure into a learning experience. It’s taking the facts of a situation, seeing the results as only results without adding emotion, then finding a logical solution.  This way of looking at situations applies to more than just goals.

Experience alone is of little value. Experience without an evaluation is a wasted learning opportunity. Why go through a potentially difficult experience without getting the reward of learning something?  Analyze your experience to get the most out of it. So this coming week, I will keep the same goal while implementing the new strategies to avoid possible pitfalls.  I’m confident I will achieve, and likely exceed, that goal.  With all goals, it’s important to keep score on how you’re doing, so I will also keep a daily record of my progress.

By setting a realistic goal, making a reasonable plan, evaluating the experiences, keeping score, and implementing changes as needed I am far more likely to achieve my goals. By using this method, we avoid getting down on ourselves and we learn how to move forward the way we want to.  Where are you with your New Year’s Resolutions and other goals?  Are you achieving them? Are you learning from the things you’re not achieving?  What’s your mindset when it comes to learning from your experiences?